Wedding Checklist : Photography Shots You Don't Want Your Photographer To Miss

By Randolph Quan

Your photographer is great - he or she must be, or else why would you have chosen them? But when you want things done a certain way, you should make sure to do them yourself. In that vein, if you know you shots you want for your wedding photography, then give your photographer a list of shots you don't want to miss. You can even get more specific and show him examples of specific photos from other wedding you've seen that you like. Consider these shots for your list: Before the Wedding

Bride and bridesmaids arriving at ceremony site before getting dressed. Wedding dress on a hanger and fine details of the wedding dress. Bride getting zipped up in her dress.

Bride, bridesmaids and mothers getting dressed and getting hair and makeup done. Bride with her something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Bride's mother helping her with her jewelry.

Close up of bride wearing her garter belt. Bride handing maid or matron of honor the wedding ring for her. Groom and groomsmen arriving at ceremony site. Groom, groomsmen and fathers getting ready in dressing room. Father of groom helping the groom straighten his tie or bow tie.

During the Wedding Guests entering church or site of ceremony

Groom standing by altar as he waits for his bride. Bride and father hugging before he walks her down the aisle. Groomsmen and bridesmaids walking down aisle. Parents of bride and groom walking down aisle.

Grandparents of bride and groom being seated. Flower girl and ring bearer making their way down the aisle. Father of bride and bride finally making their way down the aisle.

Reaction of guests as bride walks down aisle. Groom when he first sees his bride coming down the aisle. Father of bride giving the bride away. Bride and grooms holding hands during ceremony. Bride and groom stealing glances at each other during ceremony.

Bride saying her vows and groom's reaction Groom saying his vows and bride's reaction. Exchanging of the rings Bride and groom's first kiss.

Bride and groom turning to the audience for first time as man and wife. Bride and groom walking down aisle Bride and groom making their exit. out of ceremony site in a rain of rice or birdseed or butterflies.

Congratulations to new couple from guests. Exit into the getaway car. Getaway car as it is driving off. Photos of couple, Wedding Party, Family, Bride and groom. Bride and groom with bride's family. Bride and groom with groom's family. Bride with bridesmaids.

Groom with groomsmen Entire wedding party. Bride with groomsmen. Groom with bridesmaids. Bride and groom with both families. Reception Photos Entrance of bride and groom into reception site Close-up of Wedding cake. Close-up of Groom's cake. Empty table with centerpiece.

Guest signing guest book. Bride and groom greeting and talking to guests. First dance between bride and groom Bride dancing with father.

Groom dancing with mother. A full dance floor. Cutting of the cake. Feeding of the cake to each other.

All toasts (best man, maid of honor, groom, bride) Bride throwing her bouquet to single women. Groom taking bride's garter off. Groom throwing garter to single men. Bride and groom leaving reception site. - 30452

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10 Essential Wedding Shots

By Martin Thomas

A wedding ceremony is a very special day full of sentimental and precious moments. Capturing these moments will help you preserved memories in time. The secret to having fabulous wedding photos is to create a list of shots that you wanted to take on that day. Setting out the list of not only where to take the shots but also the different combination of who should be in the shots is a smart step.

Below are the to 10 "must have" shots for a wedding ceremony.

1. The person picked to give away the bride, or the father accompanying the bride

2. Before the ceremony: a grouping of the bride and her female attendants with the person who will give her away.

3. Father escorting the Bride up the aisle.

4. The first time the Bride and Groom are together.

5. Bride and Groom kissing.

6. The register being signed by the Bride and Groom.

7. The happy couple, just married, walking back down the aisle.

8. Full length, posed shot of the happy couple.

9. Happy couple with their parents

10. The cake being cut by the Bride and Groom.

3 Best tips for a great job:

1. Camera and Spare Camera. Verify that your camera is working in good order! Don't trust that it is fine because it was working when you last used it! And bring a backup camera, or ensure there will be one you can use if needed.

2. Batteries. Have they been charged? Do you have a few extra sets for backup? There is a possibility they might be needed. Well, maybe not, but just imagine having the batteries peter out during the first dance!

3. Films and Memory cards. You will save hundreds, regardless, if you do not use a pro, so get a lot as it doesn't cost much. Similar to the batteries, you would be disgusted to bring out the camera at the first dance and realize.... - 30452

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Tips On How To Make Your Wedding Ceremony Truly Memorable

By Angela Fisher

Planning a wedding can be really stressful because it is that extraordinary event in your life, which you don't want to take any chances with. The matter is compounded by the fact that it demands a lot of effort to see a marriage day pass without any hiccups. It requires strategic planning and a cautious implementation of the plan to avert the knotty situations that generally crop up at marriages.

How much you are prepared to spend on the wedding is a prime consideration that must come before any planning. A wedding is a costly affair, but there are small things, the awareness of which can save you a significant amount of money. For instance, a creatively inclined relative can take up some of the decoration of the wedding hall, including flower arrangements. The job does not require any major skill and can save you a considerable amount money. Moreover, flowers generally cost a lot in the market, and mixing a bunch of wild flowers in the bouquets would save a lot from your budget.

Perhaps the most important aspect of a marriage is the venue. You should be extra careful to make sure that you are not picking the wrong venue. Some of the important factors to consider are the size of the venue, its address, and the facilities that it offers.

Another critical aspect that should not be neglected is wedding photography. Your pictures must capture the joyful spirit of the marriage day and help you to relive the day with all its thrills when you see them in later years.

While choosing a cameraman, be sure that his style matches with what you are looking for. If you are based in Singapore, then this must not be very difficult. A good Singapore wedding photographer can be found through a quick search on 'photographer wedding' using any search engine tailored for Singapore results. Moreover, on the world wide web it should also be quite simple to find an attractive deal for the purpose. - 30452

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Singapore Actual Day Photography

By Ray Wong

On a wedding day the two most important people are the wedding couple. To get some excellent portraits, the photographer should seclude the wedding couple from the celebration for a while to capture the intimate moments after the ceremony. This helps the couple to get away from the delight of their wedding as well.

The portrait session will give the photographer enough time to spend with the wedding couple to capture the pictures. On the wedding day it doesn't always happen because it is rare to have time on the actual day of the wedding. The time taken for pictures can well vary from an hour to no time at all. It can take up to an hour for the photographer to take the pictures.

When is the best time to take aside the bride and groom for some quality time with the photographer?

Most photographers tend to believe that the window before the reception is very suitable for portrait photography, since the couple would still look fresh at that time.

Sometimes the bride and groom would want to start the portrait shoot even before the ceremony says Bradley Hanson, award winning photographer. He generally starts by photographing the bride getting ready in such events.

Other photo journalists believe that the right time for a portrait session is just after the couple has exchanged their vows, and are still are evidently feeling the emotions of being newly-wed.

The couple should set aside some time with the photographer so the perfect actual day photo shoot will be flawless. Finding a polite way to lose the relatives and guests is sometimes hard but is worth the beautiful moments they will cherish for a lifetime.

A good portrait session on the actual day can be ruined by too many people trying to photograph the newly-weds. So the couple isn't distracted by anyone the photographer will choose to have the couple alone.

Most newly-weds start feeling uncomfortable before the camera when the portrait shoot is going to take place, says Shawna Herring, award winning photographer. Professional photographers try to talk to the camera-shy couple about things other than the portrait session so that they forget the camera is even there.

It is also recommended to choose a day before or after the wedding for the photo shoot and go with the photographer to a different location. This really helps loosen up the bride and groom since it helps build a comfortable relationship with the photographer. In a short time, the couple may even forget the existence of the camera.

It is at times impossible to achieve the perfect alone time with the photographer due to a variety of reasons. The bride and the groom should work together with the photographer to find some alone time so that a really creative portrait session is achieved. - 30452

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Learn All About Lightning In Digital Photography

By Lucas Godfrey

It is true that people who could never take a picture before do reasonably well with the new digital cameras. To these individuals the worse picture possible from a digital camera looks great.

Then there are the individuals who are highly critical of their work. They produce excellent photos with their digital but it still not quite up to the standards they demand from their pics.

Lighting will play an important roll in their pictures just as they do for any of them. Even the novice will find that by paying extra attention to the lighting they will get far superior results. Knowing when to use your flash is an important aspect. It is important to do so when you have heavy backlighting. Although most of the editing features used in editing software do a great job, lighting can create the most problems, and is not as easily fixed if at all with software.

When you are taking pictures you want to utilize as much natural light as possible this means of course sunlight. Which we all know is at its best at sunrise and sunset. There is a natural orange color that appears in the sky when this is happening. This orange color has a unique effect on the quality of the photos taken within this period. It also allows for further enhancement once you transfer them to your computer.

Sunlight is a great natural source of lighting but you need to know how to utilize it to the best effect. You have no control over how bright the sun appears. The sun creates its own shadows and you will not be able to alter these. So now, realizing this where you position yourself and your subject is going to be very important. If you experiment for a while, taking photos in full sun conditions you will soon learn how to manipulate your position to use this natural lighting to your full advantage. One of the sure signs that you are mastering your lighting will be evident by how little editing they require once they are on your computer.

If you are not comfortable with working with sunlight, artificial light or even your flash then do a little research. There is a lot of free information on the internet that will give you hints and techniques to help you along. Practice makes perfect, and if you learn from your photo mistakes you will be all the better. The nice part of digital photography is you can just erase your mistakes and start over again. Imagine if you had development costs and then found those tons of pictures you took just did not look good because of the wrong lighting.

One of the major things to remember in photography is not to get frustrated. Every digital camera comes with its own features. Take you time and learn to use each of them so you will enjoy all that it is capable of doing. Remember though in the end it is you who takes the great pictures, the camera is the means of doing so. - 30452

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How To: Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

By Paige Monserai

If you're going to be getting married soon, you'll need to hire a photographer. Don't make the mistake of having a friend or relative just take a few snapshots! There's a world of difference between professional photos and ones you take at home, and if you really want beautiful keepsakes, you need a professional.

Of course, before you hire your wedding photographer, you need to know what to look for. A good photographer should believe that everyone is beautiful and that every wedding is important. Beware companies that treat your wedding like just another job - they won't offer the personal treatment you really deserve.

Wedding photographers have an exciting opportunity in front of them. They have the option to capture expressions and important moments on one of the biggest days of your life. A wedding is an important event, when you're surrounded by family and friends and making a commitment that'll change your life forever - you deserve to have it captured properly.

You deserve the chance to capture all that correctly, which is why choosing a well trained photographer with specific experience dealing with weddings is a must. Your photographer must be able to handle all styles and types of weddings, from the traditional to the contemporary. He or she needs to be willing to take the time to comprehend just what you're looking for in your wedding photography, then help you find it.

You and your guests should be able to be yourselves in your wedding pictures, not formal, unnatural, or stiff. Good photos are fun, natural, spontaneous, and true to your inner nature, not boring and uncomfortable to be in.

Your wedding photographer should also have good quality equipment that allows them to take high definition images. They should know what they're doing and how to use all their equipment to produce an attractive and interesting result. There's nothing wrong with a little retouching, but it should be gentle and natural, and done on an image that starts out being of the highest quality.

Don't forget the extras. Some companies include album planning services, easy payment methods, and photo planning consultations right before the wedding. You may also be able to get a "get to know you" portrait session before the wedding that lets you learn to deal with your photographer and helps him or her learn how to take photos that will work right for you.

It shouldn't take too long to get a look at your proofs, and then be able to plan your album. The album should arrive in a month or two, though some photographers will rush album production for an extra fee. However, this isn't a good idea unless you really need it quickly - a good album is worth waiting for.

Great photos are a tangible reminder of all the wonderful memories of your wedding day. Take the time to make sure that yours are beautiful, well made, and true to you. Good wedding photography is definitely worth the time. - 30452

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Finding the Best Digital Scrapbook Software

By Danielle Gregory

Scrapbooking can be a fantastic hobby and a lot of fun, but some people are turned off by the costs involved in creating a great scrapbook. Traditional scrapbooking requires some expensive tools, and supplies such as glitter and other flair - this can be expensive.

Now there is an alternative available to the traditional scrapbooking method. Digital scrapbook software is now available that allows you to upload your favourite pictures, arrange them quickly, and utilize cool backgrounds and clip art. You can create an online photo book in no time.

But how do you know which digital scrapbook software package to download? When you are looking for a program to help you create an online photo book or scrapbook, you need to consider a few points. There is a lot you can learn from the website you are downloading the product from

Check out the following at the website which is offering the download:

Does the website have a professional look? Was it made by a graphic design artist or a junior high student? If the site has a professional image and a good website, you can feel better about the legitimacy of the product.

Is there a contact page? Do not download anything from a site that you cannot contact. If you are looking for a solid program, you need to know there is some support.

Are there any extras available for download? Make sure that there is clip art and backgrounds available with the digital scrapbook software you download. These simple add-ons can help out a lot.

Is the software free? There are some great free software options. Don't pay for something that you can get for free.

Once you decide on some software, you can make an excellent digital scrapbook that you can happily show off to your best friends and family. - 30452

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Six Steps to Becoming a Professional Photographer

By Lucas Godfrey

Often when an individual has become engrossed in amateur photography they want to move onto the next level of becoming a professional. Sometimes by the time this point has been reached, there has already been a fair amount of money invested in equipment.

First Step: There are several things that one must learn and keep in mind on the road to professional photography. If you are not already doing so, which is unlikely, is to be constantly taking pictures. This is probably not going to be a difficult assignment because you already have the passion for photography or else you would not consider becoming a professional. During your practice, you will become adept in choosing the right subjects. You will learn about your light directions and meter reading. You will become more comfortable with the white balance. Your confidence will grow as you experiment more and start achieving some excellent results.

Second Step: Look at all of the pictures. Do not just look at the obvious but also see everything there is to see in each photo you look at. This way you will train your eye to be able to know what to look for when your are taking your own shots. Do not just study pictures that are of major interest to you. Research a variety of them

Third Step: Know what you already own and what you need. Review your photography equipment if it is sufficient to keep you learning then that is all you need for now. If you have outgrown it then determine what you require to take you to the next level. Make sure that you use every benefit that every piece of equipment offers you. Get the most out it. You can only do this by reading every bit of literature you have on it.

Fourth Step: To build your confidence quickly starts by photographing things you enjoy. If is people you like photographing then do tons of, or landscapes main be your prime interest. To begin you are going to put everything you have into taking the perfect picture because it is a subject you enjoy.

Fifth Step: Take yourself to the next level of being a professional photographer by digging up an assignment. Look around your area and determine where a photographers services would be called for. Get in there and take as many shots as you can. You never know when the door of opportunity may open for you. You could submit your pictures to the local paper that may by chance going to be running a feature on the topic you photographed. It could be your first published work.

Sixth Step: Do not be afraid to learn, and do not ever stop learning. There are many photography courses at all different levels that you can enroll in. It keeps you from becoming stale in your work and will encourage you to keep setting new photography goals for yourself. After all, you are now becoming a Professional, which means many hours of hard work balanced between learning and practicing. - 30452

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How To Capture Your Perfect Portrait Photograph

By William Stevens

Faces of people have always been the cherished subjects of photographers. Portrait photography focuses on showing a person or a group with all their individual characteristics.

A good portrait photograph goes against the convention and is able to capture moods and angles of the subject like never seen before. However, regular family or one-person portraits are also done and they are fit for family albums.

A proper close up bringing the individual's face into prominence differentiates a truly expert portrait photograph from an amateur one. This can be achieved by making use of a setting in the camera that makes the background fuzzy and faint so as to place the face more in focus. A camera with a wider aperture can achieve this perfect tuning between the background and the foreground image. However, in some portrait photographs where the individual wants to be seen along with the background, especially in images taken out in the open, a normal aperture serves the objective better.

Photography is all about falling of light into the photographic medium; thus insufficient light has always been a photographer's cause of worry. But a good portrait photograph is simpler to take if certain ground rules are followed. If the subject is made to sit near a window in a position in which sunlight falls only partially on the face, then the image generally ends up looking splendid. The other side of the face can be lighted up by using something reflective like a white piece of sheet or board. However, Studio lighting can also be tuned to suit the light needs for high quality portrait photographs, and therefore a lot of photographers prefer to click such photographs inside studios.

Another important factor that affects a portrait photograph is the comfort level of the subject when he or she poses for the photograph. The human factor in photography is so important that all technical details will fail to make it a nice portrait if the subject is cold and feeling awkward before the camera. - 30452

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Pre Wedding Photography - Its Origins And Why It Is In Rising Demand

By Eigen Carter

The time of marriage is always tense and stressful in all cultures of the world. The organizers of the wedding face stress no doubt, but the greatest stress is suffered by the bride and the groom. For a lot of years, people have just made truce with the fact that weddings will remain stressful and that one has to just bear the stress to the best of his or her ability.

However, these days there are several professional service providers that can manage a lot of activities related to a wedding, which allows you to enjoy a stress-free wedding day. Such services can ensure that you stay free of worries on this most memorable day of your life. Pre wedding photography is one of these special services.

Experts are of the belief that pre wedding photography originated in Singapore in the 90s. However, other similar forms of photography have been in existence in some parts of the world even before that. In several parts of Europe and the US, couples have for several decades been posing for such pictures clicked by non expert photographers, but as pre wedding photography emerged as a well known specialised service, people from all parts of the world began to use this service more and more. There are clear guidelines that are followed now and you can easily find photographers who have expertise in this area.

Why pre wedding photography originated is pretty understandable. People have constantly felt the necessity for a service that could decrease the burden on couples on their day of wedding. Couples have started to strongly adhere importance to the fact that a wedding day is one in which they should also make merry to their heart's satisfaction. On your wedding day, you must be relieved of all big commitments and responsibilities that take up your valuable time and prevent you from enjoying the day.

Moreover, by going for pre wedding photography, you also decrease the risk of things getting messed up on the wedding day. The last thing you would ask for is adverse weather or any other unpredictable factors spoiling all your wedding photos.

To cater to this important requirement, many recognized photography service providers around the world began providing pre wedding photography services and the practice is catching up fast. Whether you a resident of Asia, Europe or the US, these services are becoming more a norm than an exception.

These days any well known wedding photographer won't hesitate in advising you for using this service. The photographer would give you valuable suggestions on a suitable spot for taking the pictures, would arrange all the required equipment for the purpose, and would also entertain any particular request or recommendation that you may have. - 30452

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Tips On Event Photography

By Patrice Williams

For those who have an imaginative brain, event photography is a profitable profession. An event photographer is paid handsomely for his talent in taking photographs of different events, such as weddings, corporate events, and sports events. People want to cherish such events and look back at them fondly through the pictures, which is why event photography is so important.

Any professionally trained photographer can indulge in event photography and be competent in it. But in order to be good at it there are a few points that must be remembered.

The first and foremost point to consider is the type of event that is being photographed and the ultimate use of the photos. Take a corporate event as an illustration, the photos of the event could be printed in an internal magazine of the company, and therefore, your objective should be to indicate the manner and order of the proceedings of the event in your pictures. On the other hand, if you are covering a private party, then it would be much wiser to focus on the people, especially their faces.

Being alert is an important trait for event photography. You should be fully attentive to the happenings during the event and must be conscious of when to click photos. Even the customers prefer employing those photographers who can understand the things going on around them and need not be guided on the appropriate moment to click a picture. This is one skill which comes with experience but you have to make a constant effort on your part.

Information about the location would assist you in photographing the event properly. You should be aware of the spots where the most important parts of the event are going to take place and the perfect locations that would enable you to click good photos of the event.

You must also know about the technical aspects of your camera and its different settings so that you can easily take photos from difficult angles and capture the important aspects of the event. Lighting is an important element of photography and an experienced event photographer must learn about the intensity of light that will be available at the site. Accordingly, you must come prepared with the right equipment and with your camera in the right mode.

Last but not the least, as an event photographer, you must be of a pleasant temperament. You must be able to make friends with the people you are photographing. Once you become friends with the subjects and get a feel of the atmosphere of the event, the photographs will definitely be more natural. - 30452

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Adobe Photoshop CS4's Polygonal, Freehand and Magnetic Lasso Options

By Ben Jenkins

Adobe Photoshop offers us three main tools for making selections: the Marquee, the Magic Wand and the Lasso. The Lasso is one of those tools with several options. To reveal the different modes it offers, click on the tool and hold. The three different modes of the Lasso are freehand, polygonal and magnetic.

The Freehand Lasso, as you can probably imagine, puts the onus on the user to manually trace the shape of the area to be selected. If using a mouse, it requires a steady hand; not to mention a decent mouse. This mode works best if used in conjunction with a graphic tablet where the mouse is replaced with a pressure-sensitive pen.

The polygonal Lasso is used for drawing polygons, shapes made up of straight lines. This tool is great for selected elements in an image which have straight edges, such as boxed products, pillars and buildings. Unlike the freehand Lasso, where you hold the mouse button down as you outline the area to be selected, with the polygonal Lasso you simply click repeated around the area to be selected and Photoshop joins the points you click on.

The magnetic Lasso is the cleverest variation that the Lasso tool offers. In this mode, Photoshop recognises edges within the image automatically and creates a shape as you move the cursor around the area to be selected. It creates the shape by automatically placing points around the area to be selected. You can also click yourself to add points if Photoshop occasionally doesn't seem to understand where you want the points to be placed. If Photoshop plain gets it wrong and places a point where it's not suppose to be, just press the Backspace key to remove the point and the segment of the path that comes after it.

Regardless of which Lasso tool you use, Photoshop offers two ways to close and complete the selection. The first method is to click on the point you started from. To make this a little easier to achieve, when you position the cursor in exactly the right place, Photoshop displays a tiny circle next to the cursor. The second method is to double-click at any point. This technique causes Photoshop to unceremoniously close the shape by drawing a straight line from the point on which you double-click back to the point you started from. - 30452

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Digital Photography - How To Learn Photography

By Carol Bell

Have you seen a lovely digital image and wanted to discover how to supply similar results? Perhaps you are simply bored with your conventional camera and are prepared to make the jump into the digital age by buying your first digital camera. Regardless of your reason, it isn't hard to learn digital photography and the way to employ a digicam. The options relating to on-line courses, authorization programs, school classes, and one-to-one help texts are basically endless!

There are so many different locations where you can learn digital photography. Most local colleges, especially the art institutes, offer both one-time courses and degree programs. Online colleges usually offer these options as well. Some colleges even offer professional certification programs. These options are best for the more serious students.

If the need to learn digital photography is related to a hobby as against a career option, you could consider other options. For instance, many public faculty systems and county associations offer short, 8 week long courses concerning a wide selection of topics including digital photography. You may find tips, methodologies, and instructions in books and even on the internet! The Net provides a cornucopia of resources,e.g. free on-line help files.

You can establish the learning methodology that's best for you by asking of yourself what your goals are. Are you targeting to get to the pro level, or do you simply wish to learn digital photography so you can use your digicam during family and community events? If you'd like to become a pro snapper, your best chance could be to gain documentation in a web course, or earn your degree at a local university. However, if you need to gain understanding of basic abilities when you learn digital photography, you may consider an one off tutorial or a self teaching book.

You should also consider what your availability is, and how much of your time you are willing to devote in order to learn digital photography. If you are willing to devote a lot of time to the subject, you have more options available to you. If your schedule is less flexible, then you will be at the mercy of course schedules and available time slots.

If you are dedicated to learning digital photography, then there's no reason why one of these options would not work for you. All you must do to learn digital photography is identify your purpose and availability, and then you're prepared to move to the apex of the class! - 30452

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Professional Graphics and Adobe Photoshop

By Lewis Gamache

If you experience the computer software referred to as Adobe Photoshop, but you could wonder who this software is meant for. You have to consider think that this is a very pricey software program and you just do not buy something very high-priced if you cannot even use it correctly. First, Adobe Photoshop is a computer software program that is ideal for graphic professionals as well as for professional photographers. Still, it is also a good computer software program for individuals who love photography and messing around with pictures. This particular software is heavy with important imaging tools that'll be able to allow the operator to exercise elementary and difficult image handling.

The truly great thing about Adobe Photoshop is that it can do all this with extraordinary results, in fact you will not even be aware which image was adjusted or not. If you are the sort of individual who has to deal with graphics, or photos, such as a web designer, poster creator, advertising, desktop publishing, and other imaging work, then this is the best software for you. The latest variation is Photoshop CS4, only brought out in September 2008, this specific edition has a lot of advanced facilities that will allow you to enhance and control photos.

Now, just what are the key characteristics that this specific variation of Adobe Photoshop, and what do they achieve? Well, there are basically a lot of new things that you can achieve with Adobe Photoshop CS4. For instance, with this software you will be able to paint directly on three dimensional artwork, wrap 2D photos to 3D objects, give depth to text and layers, furnishing better printing. It also runs three dimensional formats, fluid rotation of the canvas and changing over gradient maps to three dimensional targets. It doesn't matter if you are a professional photographer or a professional web site developer; Photoshop CS4 will be able to provide you with a great deal of aid.

Of course the great thing about Adobe Photoshop is that it works with other Adobe merchandise so if you possess Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, or even the Adobe Image Ready computer software set up on your personal computer, it will work effortlessly with the previously mentioned software. Adobe Photoshop CS4 is one of the most powerful image and graphics software program available today and with this, you can be certain that your career as a photographer, a poster maker, adman, or as a web site developer will be easier.

Naturally this software is full of extraordinary features that will be able to let you manipulate and edit pictures easily. With Adobe Photoshop CS4, you will observe that adjusting pictures and improving them will be as easy as a click of the mouse. If your line of work requires you to manipulate and improve images, then this computer program is unquestionably the computer software for you. - 30452

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When is a Fluid Head Tripod Right for You?

By Hailey B. Catson

Every serious photographer needs to have a tripod. Video photographers find them particularly necessary. They're very versatile, and have a wide price range depending on your requirements.

Not only will a tripod be used to take self portraits, but they are also used for long shutter shots. No matter how much stabilization your camera has built in, low light shots such as night photography will be much crisper with a tripod.

A tripod will also give you lots of wiggle room to play around with double exposures and timed exposures. Even if a regular photographer can make do without one, a videographer would most definitely have a difficult time without a tripod.

Any time that you're working with a heavier video camera, you want to make sure that you use a fluid head tripod. It's very important that you have a stable tripod for your video camera.

You need to give some thought to what you'll be using this fluid head tripod for. One of the most important considerations is the height; you don't want to limit yourself. Think of the subjects that you'll be using to capture with your camera or video camera.

Photographing stills such as food or small products will require a more compact tripod. This is the time when you will choose a solid tripod which is adjustable, or more compact.

On the other hand, the folded height is much about the transportability of the tripod. For instance, photographers and videographers should always consider how they travel and what their means of transportation often is.

The material of the fluid head tripod matters because it would mean manageability and convenience. However users should focus on the stability and weight support capacity over the lightweight features one has.

You want to make sure that a fluid head tripod has manageable controls that are easy to reach when the camera is attached. You should also be conscious of pan range and tilt range. Most of the time these tripods will have a leveling bubble, which will insure that the picture doesn't turn out tilted - unless it was meant to be that way! - 30452

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Agent Illustrateur Designs

By Kerisha Collins

Christine has an alias called Agent Illustrateur, which comprises of Conceptual Illustration, Graphic Design and Photography. Based in Montreal, they have managed to work with clients near and overseas.

This company, Agent Illustrateur, was founded by Christine Roy in 2008. It is some of the best portfolio Illustration work I've seen this year. She works best when listening to tracks, while designing. Christine can also find humour to inspire her to work.

She likes to identify the Worst Of... in work to come to a really funny and/or terrible conclusion, which helps her change her perspective of the work she creates.

The work that is displayed by Christine and Agent Illustrateur, is of an advanced ability. The art design piece done for the front cover of the L'organe Magazine, has works from Photoshop and Illustrator within it. It has a strict colour tone-only limited to basic black, pink and purple, which helps identify what it's about without clashing with words on it.

Christine and Agent Illustrateur's have worked with clients, such as; Vega Music, Advanced Photoshop Magazine, Auto Crdit, Scoop Agency, Lise Watier Institut, Magazine LOrgane, The Baie, Opak Media & More...

Christine continues to work on her designs and within the Agent Illustrateur with clients and can be contacted via the PNW web site for more information on her designs and her journey through the design world.

Christine has many strengths, one of which is the ability to produce work of a very high standard in 3 major disciplines. Her illustration work is very good and fits well in the editorial industry. Her photography work is beautiful and striking, which combines well with the graphic design work which is a combination of all disciplines. She also speaks French and English, which allows her to work for a wider range of clients in the design field. If your interested in working with Christine please do not hesitate to contact her. - 30452

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Keeping Old Things as Souvenirs with Wall Picture Frames

By Benedict Perez

You can create using wall picture frames a family tree using these mounted photos and they are genuine treasures to cherish by all generations to come. These even add a new dimension to home decorating. Multiple photos surely create an expressive decoration for the plain walls of your home. A collection of photos on your wall in different sizes and shapes is truly amazing.

Wall mounting is a work of art that expresses your individuality. You can display all those precious photos in several sizes of wall picture frames for everyone to see rather than keeping them in albums that can be filled with moss. Placing pictures in these types of mountable structures is one way of preserving them. You can make your own motif for each frame to mark an occasion and turn such event unforgettable.

There are some of these huge frames that are pre-drilled and often panelized to save time in mounting your artworks. These photo holders are perfect for saving those unforgettable memories. A picture frame is not just an ordinary holder of whatever you want to display for it preserves and protect something priceless.

With wall picture frames you can create a family history which can give tone to the family room. You can also use these stuffs to display some precious objects like your most favorite postcard which you have received from a special someone or to mount a piece of unused antique jewelry. These mounting structures can be keep some certificates or documents that need to be kept always fresh and new.

If you need more wonderful ideas, you can also visit some websites on the internet and see the awesome designs of these photo holders. In can create a gallery using wall picture frames. There are so many styles and designs you can thinks of to realize your intentions. You can always make your most unique photo keepers to add beauty to your home with wall picture frames. - 30452

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Why You Need a Digital Scrapbook Download!

By Riley Vilks

Digital scrapbooking is a great activity that has revolutionized the scrapbooking hobby and taken it to new levels. Programs are now available for free that allow you to upload your photographs, place them into a cool template of your choice, and create your own digital scrapbook that can be re-printed and distributed to all of your friends and family.

You do not need to be a professional to venture into the world of digital scrapbooking. Today, you just need a computer, a free digital scrapbook download, and your best pictures to get started.

Once you discover the power of digital scrapbooking software, your old and tired scrapbooks will become a thing of the past. Your memories will be preserved forever in a format that is easy-to-use and change in the future...

Using a digital scrapbook download to scrapbook has some awesome advantages over traditional scrapbook methods... Use a digital scrapbooking program and you'll see several benefits:

- Affordability - Digital scrapbook downloads are often free. Traditional scrapbooking involves several costs such as flair, scissors, glue and other supplies.

With a digital scrapbook download, the only tools you require are your mouse and the digital scrapbooking program. A lot of scrapbooking programs can be found online for free as well!

- Convenience - A digital scrapbook program is convenient! No more routing through dozens of old photo albums and ruining pictures by getting flammable glue all over everything! Simply find a good digital scrapbook download and get started!

- Space! - Do you get tired of trying to even find the equipment you need to scrapbook? Never before have you been able to have all of your scrapbooking tools in one place!

Save space by using an awesome digital scrapbook download!

The best part about making a scrapbook is sharing it and showing it off to your friends! Companies partner with scrapbook software companies, and offer printing deals. You can have a professionally printed scrapbook sent right to your own door!

The software is even free for download in many cases! - 30452

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The Best Wedding Photo Album Software

By George Carmichael

Are you looking to create a beautiful wedding photo album? Are you shopping around and gathering information on wedding photo album software? Looking for the right wedding photo album software can be daunting; there are so many mementos and photos of your special day that you want to capture forever in the perfect photo album or scrapbook. Your wedding was such a whirlwind day, that once it's over you are left wondering, "where do I start?". You will need to start by finding some free software that will allow you to organize your photos in order to create the album of your dreams.

You must begin by seriously reflecting on your wedding day. What were the highlights? Which moments were the most special of all? Your wedding photo album software will be used to tell the tale of your wedding; you need it to reflect the special day in all of it's glory! You want your wedding photo album software to recapture the best of the special moments and memories. Think about which photos are the most special for you.

Consider including the following photos in your wedding album:

-The planning process -The rehearsal dinner and ceremony -The bride and the groom getting ready with their attendants -The ceremony -The reception dinner and dance

And photos from the honeymoon, of course!

As you are going through your wedding photos and deciding which will go into your album, consider including other mementos of you special day as well. You can easily scan such things as your marriage license, invitations, public announcements, or even reception place cards into your computer. Once in your computer, you can use your wedding photo album software to include them into your digital photo album.

Good wedding photo album software will allow you to easily upload your photos and other mementos into a very professional and elegant digital wedding photo album.

Wedding photo album software will allow you to capture the memories of your wedding day. Photo album software is specifically designed to produce the highest quality professional photo albums in an easy-to-use fashion.

Most software has a simple process:

First, download some free wedding photo software.

Then upload your photos..... choose from a variety of templates and clip art, and insert the appropriate pictures. Demo videos of wedding photo album software are available by conducting further research

The elegance and love of your wedding day will forever live on in the beautiful photo album you will create using wedding photo album software.

Creating a high quality photo album for your wedding is a daunting task, but good software will help you get it done elegantly and effectively with incredible results. - 30452

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Paying For The Wedding Of Your Dreams By Cutting Spending In Little Ways

By Connor Sullivan

Kendra and Josh were engaged and planning a summer ceremony but were having a difficult time determining where they should have this event take place. Once they had looked into the choices they had it seemed that both of them were drawn time and again to a destination event. They had always been attracted to southern California and upon investigation found that there were absolutely loads of beautiful places that would cater to their wishes and would provide the gorgeous scenery and accommodations they desired. They found that they were fascinated with the idea of a Santa Ynez wedding where they could be married in one of the lovely wineries offering outstanding wines and stunning surroundings. In addition, of particular interest to them was an Ojai wedding. They were mesmerized by the small valley that was so breathtakingly beautiful that Frank Capra used it to represent Shangri La in his film "Lost Horizons." The sole snag happened to be the price of such an extravaganza but they were determined if they decided to pursue this adventure they would be able to save the money needed to finance such an affair. After some serious soul searching and brain storming they were able to come to a few thoughts that were certain to add to their savings and assure them that their dream would come true.

Taking lunch to work every day rather than on those infrequent occasions there happens to be appealing leftovers will prove to be a tremendous way to save money. Scheduling dinners in advance makes certain that there are ample leftovers and at hand ingredients to make fresh, appetizing offerings for each day of the week.

Eating out less frequently and dining at home also saves many dollars and will honestly start to be a pleasant habit in due time. Following a meal plan and writing grocery lists turns out to be commonplace and easier as time goes on and creates a sense of control over wasted income. Using a crock pot can be a very good idea because it can be filled, turned on and left to cook all day long providing a delicious dinner when arriving home from work.

Car pooling is an often overlooked way to save money because many people don't want to be inconvenienced by leaving a little earlier in the morning to pick someone up or arriving home a little later by dropping someone off at their home. It cannot be denied though that with the cost of gasoline, it is well worth the effort to pool resources and divide the cost of the fuel.

Coupon saving is often looked down upon because the value saved is such a small amount at a time but it is important to always remember that the savings add up when coupons are consistently used. Yes, it does take time to be organized enough to browse through the newspaper and flyers that are mailed to your home but the savings can be significant when these coupons are used correctly to buy only the items that a person really needs. - 30452

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Fine Quality Digital Scrapbook Software

By George Carmichael

Photo albums and scrapbooks are essential staples in preserving a family's most cherished memories and special moments. Photographs capture the essence of life. With the changing of technology, it has become easier and easier to preserve life's precious moments and document a person's most beloved memories. With the development of the digital camera, there has been an increasingly popular movement toward "digital scrapbook software". Digital scrapbook software is the most user-friendly and convenient method of creating photo albums and scrapbooks ever created! It is so early to create, change and share your digital scrapbooks, and the only equipment necessary is your personal computer!

One doesnt have to be skillful with computer knowledge to re-live their fondest memories through a digital scrapbook. All that is needed to easily create, change and share your digital scrapbooks is merely a computer. You can find free digital scrapbook software that is fun to use, and it will save you money!

Using your computer to create a personalized digital scrapbook is beneficial in more ways than one! Having the ability to create and modify your scrapbooks using digital scrapbook software right at your finger tips adds convenience with minimal cost. You can share your memories with friends and family in the way you want, with just a click of a button while keeping the styles of traditional paper scrapbooks. Not only will you save mass amounts of space with digital scrapbook software, you will also limit the mess paper scrapbooks tend to create.

The entire process of creating your beautiful digital scrapbook is as easy as 1-2-3! First, download the free digital scrapbook software. Next, create your amazing work of art, and finally, opt to have your digital scrapbook professionally published! You will be pleased to see the time and money you will save in having it printed for you as opposed to spending all that money of traditional photo printing and scrapbook materials!

After installing the free digital scrapbook download and creating a scrapbook you can be proud of and that shows your creativity and personality, you can order a professional print out of your scrapbook for as low as the cost of gas, for a trip to the store and the price of the supplies to make a paper scrapbook.

Conduct some research online to find some free digital scrapbook software... - 30452

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Why Buy Canon EOS Rebel T1i?

By Jessica Wasser

Canon's consumer SLR line has a new flagship: the 15.1-megapixel Canon EOS Rebel T1i. Once again, we see a new SLR from Canon in less than 18 months from the last in a given line. It's actually only eight months since the XS was announced, and about 14 since the XSi; either way you look at it, competition has shortened product cycles in the digital SLR space.

Now at the top of the Rebel line, the Canon T1i takes on the Nikon D90, with its video mode, while the XS and XSi are left to challenge the Nikon D40 and D60. With the Rebel T1i, Canon is answering the pincer move that Nikon's put on it in the past few years, now matching them model-to-model at the low end, because the XS and XSi will remain in the lineup.

While the new HD movie mode is going to be the gee-whiz feature on the Canon Rebel T1i, the important feature for most photographers is the still image quality at 15.1 megapixels. According to our tests on a beta (prototype) Rebel T1i, its only rival even near this price point is the Canon EOS 50D.

Controls and body styling are nearly identical (differences are broken down in the User Report below); the main changes are internal. The Canon T1i's new sensor is ever slightly larger at 22.3 x 14.9mm compared to the 22.2 x 14.8mm measurement of the XSi's sensor, but the bigger change is the new sensor's high ISO capabilities, running from 100 to 3,200, with two expanded settings: 6,400 and 12,800.

Canon's new DIGIC 4 processor handles the larger 4,752 x 3,168 at a slightly reduced speed of 3.4 frames per second (at 1/500 second or greater -- down from the XSi's 3.5 fps), with a maximum JPEG burst of 170 frames or 9 RAW frames. You can also now capture RAW images in all of the Canon T1i's modes, whether Basic or Creative Zone. The Canon T1i's 3-inch LCD is a 640x480 design with 920,000 dots, making for a noticeably sharper onscreen image, great for focusing and confirming sharpness after capture. The Canon T1i is the first Rebel to have such a high-res screen. - 30452

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Want To Be A Wedding Photographer

By Ron Wong

For years people will be displaying photos of their wedding, since it is that kind of occasion. Guaranteeing quality and highly skilled photography is something every bride and groom wants. You can make a lot of money if you decide to be a wedding photographer. As well as the money though there is the risk that you must manage well.

A disclaimer should be included in a well written up first time contract. A disclaimer is something that can prevent you from being sued later on. For example, you should include that you are not responsible for pictures that might get lost after you send the film away to get developed, or pictures that do not come out clear due to equipment failure. Otherwise you could get sued for breach of contract.

The hourly rate and how many pictures are to be taken should also be included in the contract. Something else you should include would be the fees for developing and the fee of the album. Make sure you discuss with your clients what their requirements are. They might want a certain person or family they would like pictures of since they don't get to see them often, so that should be discussed as well if it is an issue.

Make a list of all the pictures that your client's requested. Generally your clients will want pictures of the pre-ceremony, wedding ceremony, post-ceremony and of course the reception. Who will be in certain photographs should be discussed with the client as well. Pay attention to what your clients are saying because each one will be different.

When you schedule your clients in make sure they pay you a deposit. At least 50% deposit should be paid prior to the wedding. So you don't end up bothering the bride and groom during the reception, arrangements should be made for when the remainder will be paid. It would look very unprofessional if you did.

Photoshop is a good program to use if you are going to be processing the pictures yourself. You can enhance the photos with all sorts of techniques such as flaw removal, montage, changing the color to black and which or sepia, as well as other unique features.

Look for ways to add extra value that you have not told them about. This will always generate good feelings. A special surprise will keep everyone talking and generating more business for you in the future. Think different. Imagine for example if you uploaded all their pictures onto a password protected part of your website so that they and their friends can login and view.

At the end of the day doing wedding photography can be a lot of fun and you can make good money at it. You may have to take your people skills to the next level but the financial returns will be worth it. - 30452

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How To Pick, Pack and Perfect your Destination Wedding Dress

By Randolph Quan

Could it really be that easy? It's true - looking your best in your destination wedding dress is as easy as three Ps. Pick, pack and perfect the dress, and you'll look fabulous in your chosen wedding location.

Picking. Often, a destination wedding dress is going to be more informal than a typical princess wedding dress. This isn't always the case, though, especially if your "destination wedding" is being planned in your hometown that you live three to four hours away from.

When choosing your dress for a destination wedding, take into account the climate you're getting married in. A tropical beach wedding calls for a more casual dress in a light-weight material - after all, you don't want sweat marks on your white dress! Choose a thin fabric such as chiffon, charmuese or organza.

A tropical beach wedding is one of the more appropriate times to choose a sexier wedding dress, too. When the location is exotic and sexy itself, no one can fault a bride for tuning into that vibe and glamming up the sex appeal as well!

For an even more casual look, choose something other than a full-length gown. Not only will you not have to worry about the gown dragging in the sand, it will probably be less expensive. On the other side of things, a destination wedding dress for a cooler climate requires a cover-up if you plan to spend any time outside. A complementary shawl is your best bet.

Packing. This will be the trickiest part of the destination wedding dress debacle, but let's make one thing clear: Do not under any circumstances check your wedding dress with your baggage on a plane. Too many people lose their luggage each year for you to risk it. Most of the time, you can carry your dress in a garment bag through security and ask a flight attendant to hang it in the first-class coat cabin. Just make sure to count it as one of your allowed carry-on bags. If you can't be sure it can be hung by an attendant, fold the garment bag into a suitcase that will fit into the overhead cabin. It might be wrinkled when you get there, but at least it will be there.

You can ship a wedding dress, but there are so many risks that it could be lost, damaged or stolen that it's not really worth it. If you do decide to do this, have the bridal salon package it for you. They're used to shipping dresses when orders are placed, so they'll know the proper way to do it. All in all, driving the dress to the destination yourself is the safest bet. Unfortunately, for many destinations, that's not an option.

Perfecting. The biggest headache to contend with after successfully transporting the dress is getting the wrinkles out. If you're lucky, you can hang the dress for 24 hours and the wrinkles will fall out. If 24 hours are a luxury you don't have, pack a travel steamer and/or the name of a local dry cleaner who can give the dress a good pressing. Get a list of dry cleaners internationally at

Finally, make sure you have all the appropriate accessories to complement your gorgeous destination wedding dress! For the traditionalists, don't forget your something blue (or the six-pence in your shoe) and for those looking for something a bit funkier, glam up your gown with a sparkling hairpiece, colorful shoes or bold make-up. - 30452

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Wedding Tips For Saving On The Photography Bill

By Judy Wong

Unfortunately the cost of wedding photography is usually very costly, sometimes thousands of dollars. Not everyone can afford extremely high priced photos of their perfect day. By following these few simple budgeting ideas you can save money on wedding photography.

Advertising for the right person

An excellent place to advertise is at a local college or university They will have fresh skills and ideas when it comes to wedding photography, and they will cost a lot less.

Save By Going Digital

Instead of getting prints done, go digital. This keeps your hard earned money in your pocket. Photographers now offer this as an alternative to choose from. You can get all of your photos on a CD rather then prints and proofs. After you receive your CD look at online photo developers to print to photos for you.

Put your own album together

Scrap booking is an excellent way to personalize all your pages. No one will know your wedding and guests like you do. Scrap booking your wedding photography is a great way to go through your pictures and reflect on the moments. You will enjoy creating your album and not only that but you will also save hundreds of dollars opposed to having your photographer design an album, and they may not include pictures that your friends sent you as well.

You can choose how long you need the photographer for

How long do you really need your photographer around you? Instead of having them come with you when you re getting your hair done, make up done, and dress sized just get them to come for the ceremony and a bit of the celebration afterwards. A great way to get pictures of the bride preparing for the wedding is to have the bridesmaids take the photos.

Disposable Cameras

Having disposable cameras at the reception is also an excellent idea. After everything is said and done all you have to do is drop them off at a photo development outlet, then go through the ones you really like and make larger prints for frames around your house. You will probably end up getting a few funny photos but a lot of wonderful ones as well. This will also give you a wide variety of pictures because your guests will be taking pictures of each other and not just at the bride and groom. This will add detail to your album. - 30452

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How To Plan A Wedding In Ibiza

By Randolph Quan

The Mediterranean island of Ibiza, about 80 km off the coast of Spain, is a beautiful place to plan a wedding. With only a two-hour flight from the United Kingdom, it's a little piece of paradise without the extensive travel to get there. Like every foreign country, though - Ibiza is part of Spain, for those who were uncertain -- there are some complications and hoops to jump through in order to have a dream wedding in Ibiza.

Unfortunately, Spain makes it very hard for non-residents to get married in their country. (I suppose they don't want to share all that beauty with us foreigners?) To circumvent all the red tape, many UK couples choose to have a civil legal ceremony before departing to their symbolic wedding in Ibiza.

The actual wedding in Ibiza is more of a blessing, but for many couples, it works just as well. For many people, it has to work because if you're not an Ibiza resident or if you're not Catholic, you cannot have a legal wedding in the country.

If you do happen to be Catholic and would like a legal wedding in Ibiza, then be warned to get started on the process early so you're well aware of everything required of you. typically be requested to provide these documents:

Application form. Birth Certificate. Proof that both parties are free to marry. Divorce/Annulment Certificate of any previous marriages. Certificate of Residence. If not a permanent resident in Spain, you can sign an affidavit before a Consular Officer indicating your place of residence for the last 6 years, as well as your temporary residence in Spain. Certificate of Consular Inscription.

Non-Catholic couples who would like to have a religious wedding on the island can be married by the Anglican Church, which is known there as the English-speaking church. A certificate of Christian marriage will be issued, which is not a legal document, but is recognition of your marriage by the church. There are strict limitations on where these weddings can occur, which can be found at A spiritual wedding is much easier to plan, as it is conducted by a spiritual leader and can be performed anywhere you wish. - 30452

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Attributes Of A Skilled Corporate Photographer

By Jonie Johnson

Corporate photography is an essential need for most companies, but choosing the appropriate photographer entails a significant amount of careful consideration. Corporate photography requires an entirely different set of expertise that several expert photographers in the market who are skilled in other types of photography may not possess.

Organizations planning to appoint a corporate photographer have to assess the candidate's eligibility keeping in mind various factors, in order to be sure of their suitability for the company's requirement.

As a corporate photographer may have to deal with several types of events like awards functions, product launch functions etc, he should be versatile and flexible enough to manage varied responsibilities with effortless ease. A good corporate photographer must always be prepared to handle and do justice to all these varied tasks.

Fast-paced corporate events don't allow photographers to comfortably plan different angles or shoot retakes, so high alertness on the part of the photographer is a must. Many unforeseen things happen at corporate events, and a laid back approach on part of the photographer will consequently have an adverse effect on his photos. Therefore, a corporate photographer should be quick to react and must always stay alert to the circumstances and changes going on at the event.

It is also quite important for a corporate photographer to be able to extract the best of the resources available with him. For instance, in an indoor corporate event, he might have to work with insufficient light and handle the crowd. Even in such unfavourable situations, he should be able to come up with impressive photographs.

Another important aspect that must be considered is the working style and personality of the photographer. It is essential for a corporate photographer to take care of the interests of the firm. A good photographer must be able to build a personal rapport with the employees, as they need to be comfortable when the photographs are being taken at official or casual events in the company. In addition, the photographer has to be sociable and amicable, and should be a good person to communicate and work with.

You must study samples of earlier assignments of the photographer, and not take decision on the basis of his market reputation alone. It is advisable to organize face-to-face interviews with the candidates to get an idea of their disposition and qualifications, and to figure out how well they are suited for the job. - 30452

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Moving Day In Costa Rica

By Frank Scott

As a Costa Rica professional photographer, encountering new experiences is the norm, not the exception. My tour group never knows what is around the next corner.

During one of our Costa Rica Photo Tours, my group drove to a photography location in the beautiful and pristine Osa Peninsula which National Geographic has called "the most biologically diverse place" on earth. To get there we drove through the tiny village of Ojochal near where I live.

One of my groups discovered that moving day for some Costa Ricans can be rather unique. As my group and I were passing through the village we saw an incredible sight. But before I tell you the story let me tell you a bit about the man who was moving.

Our only neighbours when we moved to Costa Rica were Ticos (that is what the Costa Ricans call themselves) and one of them by the very Spanish name of Wilson came calling with a house warming gift of some flowering plants. It was very comical to see him standing at our driveway waiting to be invited in onto the property so that he could give us this gift. He was too polite to come to our door without an invitation.

After a sort of "conversation", he in Spanish and my wife and I mostly in English, I realized that he wanted to give us the plants. We were new in the community and this was a welcoming from the neighbours who live at least a hour walk up the mountain. Yep, walk. No car. Senor Wilson walked an hour just to deliver a gift. Now, that is neighborly!

With the passage of time, Senor Wilson has given me flowering plants many times. Often he stands there waiting to see where I will plant it. I would probably do the same thing if I lugged it down a mountain for an hour. However, there are so many things to do that planting this gift is never one of my priorities. Certainly, I never thought that I would be tested on my ability to choose a location and plant something when I moved to Costa Rica from Canada.

A couple of days after Senor Wilson gave me plants one time, he came to the house with still another plant and visited while his two boys swam in the river by the house. Of course, he asked me where I planted the others that he had brought the last time he came.

Well, they were still in the pots (these pots are not the plastic pots that we are familiar with but old aluminum kettles with drainage holes made by stabbing the bottom with a machete), would you believe it? Wilson saw this and decided that he not only would bring the plants but he would plant them in our little garden. That tells you all you need to know about this good man.

Now that you have some idea about the kind of fellow my friend and neighbor Wilson is like, I want to return to my photography tour group driving along the dusty road near my house. Suddenly, we came upon a man walking alongside his horse. The animal was carrying two white bags, two huge white bags, filled with clothes and household items. Between the bags, Wilson or his wife had wedged a blue broom that extended over the animal's head, giving us the impression that the horse was wearing a bristle blue tiara. I wonder if the horse was enjoying his royal status or quietly suffering the indignity of wearing a broom crown.

Wilson was holding the horse's bridle in one hand and a birdcage in the other. A sight to behold. A man, a horse, a crown, and a birdcage. Moving day!

We greeted each other with the usual "hola" and started to chat as the cameras were brought out and the clicking began. Just joking around, I asked Wilson if he were moving and to my surprise he said he was. Turns out the crowned steed was the moving van or shall we say Senor Wilson's "4 X 4."

He explained that he and his wife (who is a tiny little thing that looks about 14) were going to house-sit one of the B&Bs whose owner went back to Germany for the rainy season. He also said that it would be easier for his wife and 3 kids to live there because it was closer to the pueblo as the B&B is almost in the pueblo where the children would go to school.

I thought that it was rather interesting that he was carrying the birdcage. I would have thought that on one of the previous trips down to their new digs one of the children would have wanted to carry the cage.

Carting flowering plants and birdcages is all in Wilson's job description. He told me and the group that the little bird was very young (parrot or parakeet, I don't know), that it just loved to talk and knew many words. As though he understood, the bird started showing off, chattering away while we are talking about it. I would tell you what it said but my command of bird Spanish remains very poor to this day. Sorry.

Everybody's cameras were clicking away because this was certainly something not seen every day. A moving van of a horse wearing a blue tiara, a chattering bird showing off for company, and a family of five walking down a mountain, worldly possessions in hand, on moving day in Costa Rica. My photo tours are filled with surprises even for me. - 30452

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The Impact Of The Wedding Venue For Bridal Photography

By Marriah Stevens

The first thought that comes to mind while talking about a wedding is its venue. Be it a traditional or modern venue, it plays a very significant role in the overall experience of the marriage, which is reflected in photos for the time to come.

The couple's expectations must clearly be communicated to the wedding photographers, whose job forms a very important part of the marriage ceremony. The wedding photographers must have the expertise to capture the beauty of the venue, while ensuring that the real concentration is always on the bride. A fine balance between the bridal photography and venue photography can only be struck by an experienced photographer.

Each venue has its own features and peculiarities that are different from other venues. Some people prefer a traditional ritualistic wedding in the church or other houses of worship, while others may choose to go for something much more contemporary. The religious venues are generally very rich in architectural grandeur, which presents a good opportunity to wedding photographers to come up with impressive photographs.

But the insides of most venues create difficult challenges for wedding photographers. In such a scenario, a beautiful outdoor spot close to the venue can be selected as a spot for bridal photography. It is good if a skilled photographer can escort you in the search of an ideal venue, because he is the one who can guide you on what makes a marriage venue appropriate for wedding and bridal photography.

Don't forget that the task has only just started even after selecting the venue as far as bridal photography is concerned. A skilled wedding photographer must target at not only capturing the natural beauty inherent to a venue, but also heightening it through his photography skills. Thus it all filters down to the expertise of the photographer who can deliver exactly what you expect from him. - 30452

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Pre-Bridal Photography Ideas

By Joel Wong

Wedding days are well known to be very stressful. From when you wake up to when you crash down asleep you would have been on the go all day long.

Your once-in-a-life-time special day should be stress free. But if you want to experience this then you will need to plan very well. There is always so much to do on your actual wedding day so planning will make it flow better.

There is so much to do on your actual wedding day that a day in a busy office would be like taking a day off compared to your wedding day. Asking for support from everyone that you can will make your special day more special.

Your wedding day will full for sure but stress can be avoided as long as you get lots of support and plan well. Remember your wedding professionals are there to take the stress from you and if have planned well a few of your close friends will be there to catch any problems for you and solve them.

Ten years ago Pre-Wedding photography started to become very popular in Singapore. The reason was that many couples simply found that their actual wedding day was too stressful and way too full.

Switched on bridal photographers started to offer pre-bridal photography packages so that not only could the stress be removed from the actual day, any risk with bad weather was removed and also then an album was available at the reception.

Pre-wedding packages come in all shapes and sizes. Most of the packages offered will include both outdoor shots as well as studio shots. Simply ask your photographer what will be included in your package.

As well as ensuring you get a great set of photographs for your album, pre-bridal photos mean that you have something special to show at your actual wedding to your guests, which is always nice.

Pre-bridal photography is catching on around the world now. It may not be called pre-wedding in other countries but the idea still exists. If your photographer has not suggested doing a pre-wedding shoot then ask them for a price as part of the overall wedding package. Booking the two together - pre and actual day photography will save you money for sure and will allow you to bargain a little. - 30452

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Affordable Wedding Photography

By James Wong

Your special day can be the realization of a lifetime dream; you want everything to be just perfect - and why not - from your venue to your flowers, dress and makeup and everything else in between. But, for most people, even though is is a very special day you will still have a budget target to work to. And when it comes to high-end services such as wedding photography, staying focused on the budget can be hard. However, with a little bit of research, forward thinking and planning, and a vibrant dose of flexibility, you will be able to keep within budget for sure to ensure you have an affordable wedding while creating the memories you deserve.

Finding bridal photography services within your budget can be achieved fairly easily. So read on.

Word of mouth is your best tool to start with. Talk to friends or associates that have held wedding days similar in size and outline to what you are planning to check what photographers worked really well within their given budget target.

Check with your wedding reception venue. They will know many great people. Within five minutes you could walk away with a list of twenty great companies to call.

Believe it or not, but using the services of a wedding planner can save you money. They are experienced professionals that will not only be able to purchase services at a reduced price, they will know the best businesses in the industry to use. At the end of the day, they often make their money on what they save in your budget so they have to keep within what you set.

One thing to consider is cutting back in some areas and spending more in others. You can often do this without compromising the over all experience. If you have your heart set on a specific wedding photographer that works in a way you love, then compromise to get to the price that you need; perhaps have the photographer only take your ceremony and official shots and then ask your guests to help take snaps throughout your reception to be pulled together into an album at a later date.

One really simple idea is to provide your wedding guests with cheap disposable cameras. This will add fun, variety and an unexpected component to your wedding day. Your album will then be very unique indeed.

Another great and creative tip is to invite your guests to do part of the wedding preparations for you such as the flower display. Not only is this a great way to involve your friends you can ask them to not give wedding gifts but to do something else instead. After all many wedding gifts will often never be used so will stay in a cold cupboard. Instead your friends will likely be thrilled and delighted to be involved. This will heighten your wedding experience for everyone and spare you money.

Finally, inexpensive wedding photography is about creative thinking and flexibility, time and energy. Being willing to work outside the box and think of small and often imaginative ways to save money, eventually all those small steps will add up to big savings. - 30452

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Affordable Destination Weddings

By Randolph Quan

Even if you've dreamed about getting married in a place far, far away your entire life, that doesn't mean that you have the funds to actually pull it off the way you want it.

The truth is, a destination wedding can be much more affordable for the bride and groom - it's their guests that have to shell out the extra cost. But even then, an affordable destination wedding can be done for everyone if you make the right choices.

First, plan well in advance. This gives both you and your guests time to shop around for the best rates on airfare. If you're set on a certain destination - Jamaica, let's say, or any other destination that only has one major airport - then let everyone know the place and the dates so airfare can be booked right away. Some airlines will offer discounted rates on big groups of people, so you might be able to cash in on that for your immediate family members - or the entire group, depending on how many people are going.

Second, shop around. Don't be afraid to negotiate with hotels for any extras, such as upgrades. These are troubled times, and the hotel industry is feeling it just as much as anyone else. That means they're willing to give you a little extra incentive to book your gala there.

In conjunction with the second tip, make sure you are getting a discount of some sort. Automatically, a hotel or resort should offer a discount for booking a large group.

Fourth, make your affordable destination wedding also affordable for your guests by keeping them in mind when choosing the location. If you couldn't afford to go there on vacation, then your guests probably can't either - after all, while you've been saving up for and dreaming about this day for years, most of them probably haven't.

If you do go for a little bit more expensive destination, make clear to your guests that their presence is the only gift necessary. This isn't the time to be greedy.

Fifth, as with any other wedding, an affordable destination wedding will be cheaper when it's smaller. Cut the guest list, if you have to. The good thing about destination weddings is that they typically only include people who would do anything to see you get married, so it makes the reception less expensive.

Destination weddings (and all weddings in general) are only as expensive as you want them to be. By limiting things a little, you can have the affordable destination wedding of your dreams. - 30452

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